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Online training course for medical specialists

Application of the biofeedback method and telecare in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction therapy

Our intensive online training course will enable you to use our kGoal intravaginal probe at your practice and monitor the progress made by your patients in the exercises performed alone at home. It will help you make the therapy more effective and incorporate telecare into the portfolio of your services.

The course is divided into 3 parts: 

  1. The online training comprises 9 modules
  2. An individual one-hour-long online consultation with a PelviFly specialist
  3. Running your own exercise program with the use of the telecare platform and the PelviFly application. Below you can see an example of muscle test results generated from the clinician account on the telecare platform. 

The online training comprises 9 modules

 Telerehabilitation in pelvic floor muscle therapy
You’ll become familiar with scientific studies conducted in the area of obstacles to the effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle therapy and the tools to overcome these obstacles - offered by PelviFly.

MODULE 2 Methods to improve the effectiveness of exercise

You’ll learn how to make use of transcutaneous mechanical nerve stimulation (vibration training) in practice. We’ve designed 3 stimulation protocols which you can incorporate into any training of your patients through the telecare platform. You can activate the stimulation in the intravaginal part of the device or take advantage of special sensory biofeedback applied to the stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall (e.g.: elimination of imbalance in the activation of the pelvic floor front - sphincter ani. You’ll get to know the indications and contraindications to the application of local vibration therapy and a case study of patients monitored over a one-year period with vibrotherapy incorporated into the therapy program - one after spinal cord infarction and the other after normal delivery.  

MODULE 3 Application of PelviFly in the functional assessment of pelvic floor muscles
You’ll learn to interpret and describe the results of PelviFly pelvic floor muscle tests, you’ll become familiar with the conversion of mmHg into Oxford scale grades. You’ll became familiar with the practice of organizing muscle tests in the treatment room. 

MODULE 4 Pelvic floor muscle exercises and the analysis of their results
Become familiar with exercises supporting the achievement of the right level of contraction, relaxation, control, endurance, and overall strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Training precision is ensured by smart algorithms, adapting the training load to the patient’s current muscle strength. Exercises designed in the form of 10 games make the therapy more attractive and provide an additional motivation boost.

MODULE 5 Designing training plans

You’ll learn how to design individual training plans and use ready (default) plans available on the telecare platforms. You’ll become familiar with the progress path, which lets you quickly find out what tasks your patient has completed in the app and what stage of motor learning she is currently at. 

MODULE 6 Telecare in practice

You’ll find out how your patients can start exercising under your supervision and get to know the practice of telecare step by step. You’ll learn how to generate codes for your patients from the telecare platform. 

MODULE 7 Red flags 

PelviFly features a system of alerts which improve the safety of exercising and identify any mistakes the patients may make during exercise. Thanks to this system, you’ll receive notifications if your patient’s muscle test and/or training results give a cause for concern.

MODULE 8 Case study 

Learn from our experience we’ve gained managing specific cases of patients supervised for at least 12 months within the framework of hybrid therapy (regular on-site appointments and supervised training at home). 

MODULE 9 How to start working with us?

Choose the model of partnership suitable for your needs and become a certified PelviFly partner.

Access valid for:  
30 days 

Additional information: By taking part in the online course, you can collect prizes and acquire new skills and abilities. By watching the training course, you’ll be able to easily make notes, which you can later download in PDF format. The system remembers when a given note is made, so you can easily return to the part of the recording discussing a given subject. 


Individual online consultation

During a one-hour-long online consultation you’ll have a chance to ask a PelviFly specialist about the ins and outs of the system and discuss the results of your muscle tests and training.

By registering for the training course, you’ll be able to buy our device with a discount of -60 € and start exercising. If you can’t start exercising yourself, you can alternatively supervise the training of a person of your choice. 

Running your own exercise program

You’ll get 2 weeks of access to the telecare platform and the CARE plan in the app. You’ll be able to view all test/exercise results and design and monitor training plans. This way, you’ll get an opportunity to get to know PelviFly as both a specialist and a patient. 

The price of the course is: 125 €

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