Online consultation with a physiotherapist

We want to give you 100% support! That’s why when deciding to start exercising with PelviFly, you’ll get an opportunity to take advantage of a 30-minute online consultation with a physiotherapist :) 

What’s in it for you?

  • professional support in the determination of an ambitious but feasible goal of exercising your pelvic floor muscles
  • an analysis of the PelviFly muscle test results
  • an effective exercise plan incorporating the available PelviFly tools

During the consultation you’ll discuss your goals, any problems you may have, and the results of your muscle test. There may appear questions essential to the determination of the best course of action, e.g. about childbirth, about urinary incontinence, or about your sex life.

If you have any questions – feel free to ask them. We’re there to make pelvic floor exercises a simple, engaging habit that will help you take good care of your health as a woman.

When can you take advantage of the consultation?

After you order and receive your device, you’ll be required to set up an account in the PelviFly app and perform your first muscle strength test. Completing the test marks the start of a 14-day trial period, during which you can take advantage of the online consultation.

After you perform the muscle strength test, you’ll receive an e-mail telling you which of our specialists will contact you to arrange the date and time of your consultation. If there’s no message in your inbox, please check if it’s not in the spam/promotions folder. When you find it, make sure to ‘whitelist’ us by confirming you wish to receive communications from us :) 

Who will be the consultant?

We work with a number of top-tier specialists, experienced in rehabilitation in pelvic floor muscle therapy – related to women’s health. They specialize in both prevention and treating disorders, e.g. urinary incontinence, difficulty in achieving sexual satisfaction, or back pain. 

If you’ve bought the device on the recommendation of your physiotherapist – let us know. We’ll do our best to have them as your consultant :) 

What’s next?

If you need additional support and motivation to exercise – you may start exercising with the CARE plan under the supervision of a physiotherapist. This is the best solution at the initial stage of exercise :) Also, if you haven’t had an in-person appointment with a physiotherapist yet, we highly encourage you to schedule one.