How to reset the Bluetooth connection?

If you feel that the exercise is not smooth and that the response to contractions is delayed, it may result from the Bluetooth connection being established incorrectly

Some smartphones connect automatically with the kGoal device once they detect it. A connection established in such a way reduces the amount of data exchanged between the device and the app. In such a situation, you need to reset the Bluetooth connection and establish the connection again correctly. 

How to reset the connection? 

  1. Go to your phone settings and find the Bluetooth settings section

  2. Find the remembered kGoal device your smartphone has connected with, unpair (disconnect) the devices (the button may be also called “forget” – the name will differ depending on the phone type and model

    Android: Click the settings icon Plik:Windows Settings app icon.png – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia, and then disconnect the pair

    iOS: Click the information iconinfo , and then disconnect the pair

You’ll need to repeat the muscle test if you have performed it using an incorrectly established Bluetooth connection

How to connect correctly again? 

To make the connection solid and the amount of the sent data optimal, it’s important to connect with the device only from the app level