How to organize a muscle test in a clinic treatment room?

With the device and the mobile app at your disposal, you can organize a pelvic floor muscle test for your patient in your treatment room

Situation 1.

The patient has an intravaginal probe, she exercises under your supervision within the framework of the CARE plan, and shows up for her first or follow-up visit

  • Use the platform to plan the test on the day of the scheduled appointment, set the position in which the test is to be performed     
  • The planned muscle test will appear in the patient’s app
  • The patient performs the muscle test under your supervision. Once she’s finished, she saves the results in the app and uploads them to the telecare platform. You download the results in the form of a pdf file from the platform.

Situation 2.

The patient doesn’t have an intravaginal device. The test is performed using the device available in the treatment room, with the use of a barrier sheath - like the one used with the head of the endovaginal ultrasound transducer

Step 1 Washing hands clean and putting on gloves

Step 2 Disinfecting the device (disinfecting procedure) 

Step 3  Installation of the PelviFly app on the patient’s phone, setting up a PelviFly account and confirming that she has a device (a treatment room device)

Step 4  Connecting the app with the device 

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 19.50.06

Step 5  After connecting the device with the app, proceed according to the following steps

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 19.50.15

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 19.50.25

To send the results to the physiotherapist’s platform and get in-depth insights into the performed test (a report in the pdf format), the patient should purchase the CARE plan in the app.