How to add the first patient to the telecare platform?

PelviFly has been designed to save your time, improve the quality of the pelvic floor muscle exercise programs your patients follow at home, and to provide you with high-quality data on the performed tests and training sessions.

Let’s get started!

Step 1  Your patient has a kGoal device (an intravaginal sensor connecting wirelessly with the PelviFly app)

Step 2  The client downloads the PelviFly app to her phone:

  • She chooses ‘I already have an account’ and logs in or ‘I don’t have an account’ and sets up one

login 2         login    create account   

  • She chooses ‘I have a device

kgoal device-1      


Step 3  She pairs the app with the sensor and performs a muscle test. Watch a video where we explain the muscle test in more detail 

123478777_802498470546462_8285116743075321291_n         123546932_811824032945401_3312454904717423719_n

Step 4 The last step is to choose the physiotherapist and purchase the CARE training plan in the app

123484324_397227344802551_8252181397825241293_n-2          discount coed

When the user chooses the physiotherapist from the list available in the app and purchases the CARE plan, she’ll have an account created in the platform automatically - and assigned to the selected specialist. 

Important: Before your patient purchase the CARE plan, provide her with your discount code. You set the fees for your monthly supervision over your patients’ training plans (CARE) individually.

Head here to find out how to do it.