How do I assign a training program to a client?

After the analysis of the muscle test, it’s time for a fully personalized training program.

You can provide your patients with pelvic floor muscle exercise programs in two ways:

  • you assign a training to a specific day, e.g. you choose 26 September and set every exercise step by step
  • you add a ready training program for a certain period, e.g. 3 months, and modify it according to the progress made. This option lets you use our ready exercise protocols or create and save your own training programs (find out more here)

I.How to assign an exercise to a specific day

1. After you login, choose ‘users’ from the menu

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 16.59.43

2. Open the ‘trainings’ section next to the chosen patient; a calendar will appear


training calebdar

2. Assign the training plan to the first day

Choose the date you wish to add exercises to by clicking it. A tool to configure the plan (configuration wizard) will open. Set the exercise position, the pelvic floor muscle training type, and the vibrotherapy level. 




save baby

After you set the training plan for a given day, save it by clicking the blue ‘save’ button in the bottom right corner.


3. How to add a ready training program?

After you open the training calendar, click the ‘apply a ready plan’ in the bottom right corner.

ready plan


Select the plan from the list - and its starting date. Next, click the ‘apply’ button

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 17.49.10