Exercising with the additional support of algorithms in the SMART plan

Each one of us may have a different exercise goal.The SMART plan lets you choose yours: getting in shape after baby, sexual satisfaction, bladder control, relaxation, or safe training

Increasing level of difficulty

Each plan includes a different set of exercises and starts at a different level of difficulty This affects e.g. the pace at which you switch to more advanced exercise positions. If you’re a beginner and/or have pelvic floor muscle problems, we recommend scheduling a consultation session with a physiotherapist and choosing a plan starting from the 1st or 2nd level of difficulty. If you wish to change the profile of the Smart plan later on, it will be possible.  

Tests and exercises 

Based on monthly muscle tests, you’ll be given individual training loads, suited to the current condition of your muscles. Some SMART plans let you have muscle tests even once a week. When your capabilities increase, you’ll be able to proceed to exercising in more difficult positions. The SMART plan gives you access to all game types! 

Good vibration

The SMART plan features also exercises with advanced  vibration protocols. These include training sessions with a fixed vibration frequency – gentle, 20 Hz, and stronger, 50 Hz, as well as with biofeedback – as the contraction force increases, the vibration frequency grows from 1 to 100 Hz. If you prefer exercising without vibration, it is possible.

Motivation to exercise regularly

We know it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated to exercise on a regular basis. That’s why the app will give you some additional support you may need. You’ll have access to motivating summaries with your training statistics and results of the performed exercises and muscle tests.

You’ll stay motivated to exercise regularly thanks to the progress path featured in the app. It consists of 36 tasks which will help you achieve the best results possible if you complete them. By exercising on a regular basis and collecting points during your training sessions, you’ll be moving up the levels, from easier to more difficult ones. You’ll be going through three phases of motor learning – the cognitive phase (consciousness), the associative phase (control), and the autonomous (automatization) phase.

  Smart Relax 

Did you know that your emotions “accumulated” in the pelvic floor? When you’re stressed or super-busy, your body tends to become tense. The usually affected parts of the body are pelvic floor and buttocks, shoulder areas, and face muscles. Conscious and safe exercises, performed with the right amount of force, supported by breathing and vibration, can help you relax and protect your entire body.


  • to get in control of stress thanks to relaxation exercises
  • to work out the ability to relax consciously during sex and other everyday situations
  • to take advantage of support in the treatment of overactive bladder (urinary urgency and frequent urination) and in the reduction of menstrual pain


A set of increasingly difficult exercises, starting from level: 1/4

  • a plan based on relaxation exercises
  • includes also exercises supporting the improvement of control, endurance, and force of contraction

  Smart Mom  

It’s important that we help our pelvic floor muscles get back to shape after pregnancy and giving birth. The main challenge is to increase the blood supply and improve the sensation in the pelvic floor area and improve the flexibility of the vagina. New moms speak quite frequently of poorer sexual satisfaction and episodes of urinary incontinence. And these issues are what we focus on in the first place :) If you have given birth recently, make sure to schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist. See who’s available in your neighborhood


  • to improve muscle strength and prevent urinary incontinence
  • to make use of the support in becoming sexually active again and in sexual development 
  • to improve the flexibility and toning of the muscles around the vagina and to improve the superficial and deep sensation


A set of increasingly difficult exercises, starting from level: 2/4

  • a training plan aimed to help re-educate the correct activation of the pelvic floor
  • improving the contraction control and muscle endurance. It also includes regular exercises aimed at increasing the contraction force from the 3rd training month onwards
  • includes relaxation and breathing exercises with the additional support of vibration to increase the blood supply and oxygenation of the pelvic floor - including of the female muscles around the vagina and the clitoris

  Smart Bladder Control 

The training sessions will help you build the muscle strength and endurance necessary to eliminate any possible unpleasant incidents that can occur during physical activity, when laughing or lifting heavier objects. If you suffer from urinary incontinence, make sure to consult a specialist first and then take care of your health by exercising your muscles on a regular basis.


  • to support urinary incontinence treatment 
  • to prepare pelvic floor muscles to practicing your favorite sport, with no fear of running or jumping
  • to be able to laugh to the fullest, without the fear of having an accident :)


A set of increasingly difficult exercises, starting from level: 2/4

  • a training plan aimed to help you learn how to activate your pelvic floor correctly and work out the right response of your muscles to e.g. coughing, laughing, or physical activity
  • training sessions improving the control and endurance of muscles
  • exercises focusing on contraction force appear regularly from the 3rd training month onwards includes relaxation and breathing exercises with the additional support of vibration to improve the bioelectrical activity of the muscles and to increase muscle strength

  Smart Sport

Are you into sports? You’re no stranger to physical activity? The pelvic floor muscles of physically active women have quite a challenge to meet. They need to be strong to provide us with sufficient support during e.g. running or working out at a gym. Apart from the above, the ability to relax is highly important too.


  • to make the use of deep muscles during physical activity more conscious
  • to prepare pelvic floor muscles to practicing sports in a safe way
  • to gain the ability of conscious relaxation during and after training


A set of increasingly difficult exercises, starting from level: 3/4

  • a training plan supporting the improvement of the correct automated response of muscles when practicing sports
  • increasing the level of flexibility, control, and endurance of your muscles
  • a special emphasis on relaxation exercises

  Smart Sex 

One of the training plans you tend to choose most often is SMART SEX. It’s no secret that many women are not really satisfied with their sex life. It also happens that sex is not pleasant at all, and causes nothing but pain. That’s why it’s important to do something good for yourself, your sex health, and your well-being :) 


  • to improve the level of sexual satisfaction
  • to become able to experience orgasms more intensely
  • to learn how to consciously activate and relax pelvic floor muscles during sex


A set of increasingly difficult exercises, starting from level: 4/4

  • a plan enabling the learning of controlling the contraction/relaxation of muscles and the quickness of muscle response. Training sessions at a higher load, >50% of the MVC calculated based on your current muscle test
  • learning diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation with the application of relaxation vibration at the frequency of 20 Hz and 50 Hz, which significantly improves the blood supply in the pelvic floor area and the oxygenation level of the female muscles around the vagina and the clitoris
  • exercises improving the quickness of contraction, the muscle strength, and the ability to relax properly to better experience vaginal orgasms and to make a more conscious use of the vagina during sex

The plan costs EUR 24 per month